The late comedian Raju Srivastava, stopped a month and a half fight

New Delhi: Raju Srivastava did not get up. The fight stopped. The comedian is gone. Tears in the eyes of the countrymen. Since last August 10, everyone was praying for Raju to open his eyes, sit up, make people laugh with his words. But no. Raju passed away today, Wednesday, due to brain damage after a heart attack, and one organ of the body was damaged in various ways.

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On one such Wednesday (August 10), he had a heart attack while walking on a treadmill in a gym in Delhi. He was rushed to Delhi’s AIIMS hospital. He was initially treated with CPR. But the physical condition worsened during the night. Given in ventilation.

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After that he was taken off ventilation only once. He could gesture with his hands and feet. It was improving a bit. But again due to Dhum fever, he was taken to ventilation. Raju did not return alive after that.

Published by:Teesta Barman

First published: September 21, 2022, 11:00 IST

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Tags: late comedian Raju Srivastava stopped month fight

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