I participated in competitions for fun : Chishti Baul | 1185438 | The voice of time

I participated in competitions for fun : Chishti Baul | 1185438 | The voice of time
I participated in competitions for fun : Chishti Baul | 1185438 | The voice of time

Renowned Baul artiste Shamsel Haque Chishti was seen as a contestant on a private television singing show. There has been a lot of reaction on social media. Shamsel Haque Chishti has reached the homes of Bengal through the songs ‘Je Lahe Nasibe, Appa Appa Asibe…’ or ‘Behaya Man’.

But this bowl artist was seen as a regular contestant on the stage of Magic Bowliana.


None of the music lovers can accept this. Expressing strong reactions on social media, writing, ‘We need to be ashamed. ‘

A video of the Magic Bauliana show has confirmed that indeed Shamsel Haque Chishti has participated in this year’s Magic Bauliana as a contestant.

Why did he participate in the competition, why was this famous bowl artist made a competitor? Kamruzzaman Rabbi was contacted to find the answer to this question. Because the mentor of a part of the contestants is musician Salim Khan. Quddus Bayati is the mentor of the other team. The group’s assistant mentor is vocalist Kamruzzaman Rabbi.

Speaking to Kal Kantha on Tuesday afternoon, Rabbi said, ‘I am surprised to hear that he (Chishti) is going to participate in the competition. How is that possible? And why he will participate? We talk to him and try to explain that it is humiliating for him to take part in this competition, as well as embarrassing for us. He did not listen to us, took part in the competition. He said, he came here to promote his songs. Even when he tried to dissuade him, he persisted. ‘

The rabbi said, ‘Those who are talking on social media may not know anything behind it. Talking without knowing. You should speak knowingly. He has done two more incidents. You should know and talk about these things. ‘

When Shamsel Haque contacted Chishti Baul to know why he participated in the competition, he said, ‘Yes, I myself participated. No one persuaded me, no one told me. I attended to my thoughts. Those who are writing various things on Facebook are writing wrongly. Here they are writing wrong without knowing, saying. ‘

Chishti Baul said that she participated in this competition just for fun, “If I tell the truth, new boys and girls have come here to sing.” Participated in competitions for fun with them. ‘

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