Discussion-criticism-debate 1185542 | The voice of time

Discussion-criticism-debate 1185542 | The voice of time
Discussion-criticism-debate 1185542 | The voice of time

Swagta, Chishti Baul, Rumman Rashid Khan and Dolly Mondal on the sets of ‘Magic Bauliana’

Shamsel Haque Chishti is known as ‘Chishti Baul’ by people all over the country. Several of his songs including ‘Behaya Man’, ‘Je Haile Nasibe’, ‘Nibo Na Khabar’ are popular. There is no lack of enthusiasm for him in the audience. He has also sung at Dhaka Folk Festival and folk music events of different countries.


Many people are surprised to see Priya Baul as a contestant in the reality show ‘Magic Bouliana’ of Machranga Television! Who three years ago, India’s G Bengal ‘sa Re Ga Ma Pa became a guest artiste on the stage, not many could accept being a contestant on that bowl reality show. Meanwhile, the video of his performance has gone viral on social media. Seeing that, many have accused the reality show authorities. Some have also questioned juries. The social media was abuzz with this issue yesterday.

This artist, who has given birth to discussion-criticism and controversy, told Kal Kantha yesterday, ‘What is happening on social media is excessive. I didn’t go into the competition with any problems. For a long time, my hobby was to go on any reality show and sing my songs to everyone. Many people sing my songs in wrong tunes on various occasions, due to which I sang my own songs as a competitor. In the future, the youth can sing my songs properly. ‘

About Chishti Baul’s participation in ‘Magic Bauliana’ Rumman Rashid Khan, scriptwriter of the reality show and co-manager (programme and creative in-charge) of Machranga, said, ‘I heard from her that she had entered the competition in a previous season as well. But did not appear in the audition. He is a very popular and talented artist. We were shocked to see him among the 20,000 contestants of Dhaka Zone in the initial audition. There is no one to judge his songs. But he is a non-player, he will compete. Later in the studio round, the main judges were in great danger, saying, ‘How can we play your song, we are your fans. ‘ Chishti Baul then said, ‘My hobby for a long time…. Finally, other judges including Shafi Mondal said, “Since the rules of the competition do not say that no popular artist can participate, there is no age limit, so we do not have the authority to exclude him.” Chishti Baul then said that he will accept the way the judges judge.

Many have complained on Facebook that the channel authorities may have used Chishti Baul’s name to promote the reality show. In this context, Rumman said, ‘Machranga authorities never want any publicity by selling his name or his honor. We do not support such activities. ‘

Now 57-year-old Chishti Baul is in his residence Savar. He has repeatedly insisted that he did nothing wrong by participating in the reality show. He also said, ‘I was happy as long as I was there. I will be seen in several more episodes. ‘

Besides singing, he practices homeopathy treatment. He works in agriculture, shopkeeping and many other jobs. There are no financial problems. He does not wait for anyone to earn money by singing, he believes in his own words, ‘If there is no, you will come. ‘

The fourth season of ‘Magic Bouliana’ is underway on Machranga Television. Baul Shafi Mondal, Shahnaz Beli and Arif Dewan are the judges for this season. More than 50 thousand contestants from all over the country participated. There are 18 artists selected from there in the main phase. Of these, three groups of six are arranged in the studio round. Chishti Baul is in a group.

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