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Last Eid, Vidya Sinha Mim and Shariful Raj teamed up for the first time in Raihan Rafi’s ‘Paran’. The film is doing well in theaters in the country and abroad. In the meantime, ‘Paran’ has got the title of blockbuster.

Mim and Raj will be seen together for the second time in Raihan Rafi’s film ‘Damal’.


Director Rafi recently released Mim and Raj’s ‘Damal’ look on social media Facebook. Which has received quite a response after its publication.

In the stills, Mim is seen as a bride, Raj as a groom. Director Rafi said, this is the song scene of the film. The song is sung by our beloved Mumtaz. I will release the song next week. Before that I shared a scene with everyone. The song is written by Russel Mahmood. Music composed by Arafat Mohsin.

After ‘Paran’, Vidya Sinha Mim is equally optimistic about ‘Damaal’. He has already started promoting the film which is going to release on October 28.

Mim said, since the release of the trailer, the response has been great. The film shows the liberation war and the fight in the playground. On the one hand, the barbaric attack and torture of the Pakistani invading forces, on the other hand, a group of youths are fighting for the country with a football team. Saw the film during dubbing. My and Raj’s screen chemistry has already been accepted by the audience, hopefully this film will be no exception.

In addition to Mim-Raj, Siam Ahmed, Sumit, Rashed Mamun Apu, Saeed Babu, Shahnaz Sumi and many others acted in the film ‘Damal’ produced by Impress Telefilm.


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