Doctor G Trailer : ‘Jo Mere Paas Hai Nehi…’, Gyno Ayushmann Jadute Maat Desh in Doctor G Trailer – Ayushmann Khurrana and Rakul Preet Singh Starrer Doctor G trailer out

Many times women feel a little uncomfortable going to a male gynecologist. But, have you ever seen that the doctor himself feels shy to see the patient. You will see such a scene on the big screen. The funny scene of Ayushmann Khurrana, a gynecologist male doctor, who feels uncomfortable while seeing the patient, will be shown on the movie screen by the director Vibhit Kashyap. Under his direction, the medical comedy movie Doctor G is going to be released on the silver screen on October 14. The teaser of the film was released, which made the audience laugh.

Gynecologist male doctor Ayushman Khurrana suffered from what kind of uncomfortable situation while seeing patients? Ayushmann Khurrana is seen as Dr. Uday Gupta. And his partner is Dr. Fatema aka actress Rakul Preet Singh. But, Dr. Gupta thinks women feel uncomfortable being touched by male doctors. Bollywood actress Shefali Shah will be seen playing the role of a teacher to eradicate this idea of ​​hers. On-screen Dr. Nandini will teach how to treat a patient like a patient.

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Notably, the trailer shows that the ‘shy’ doctor Dr. Uday Gupta did not want to become a gynecologist. He wanted to become an orthopedic or bone doctor. A few minutes of the trailer makes it clear that Dr. G is an up-and-coming comedy movie. The spicy chemistry of love with friends. Dr. G’s trailer also proves that the film’s dialogues are raasgrahi. When women come to Ayushmann about their problems, he says, “Jo mere paas hai nehi uska ilaj kayse karunga?”

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After hearing this dialogue of Ayushman, the audience is absolutely thrilled. But this comical offering of the movie that the audience will enjoy on the screen is not waiting to be talked about. Dr. Uday Gupta aka Ayushmann Khurrana has shared the trailer of the movie on his Instagram handle. The caption joked, “Gynecology department ki har ek nari, paregi Dr. G Pay Bhi.” After that, the comment section was flooded with laughter.

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Actor’s wife Tahira Kashyap gave the heart emoji. On the other hand, Saba Ali Khan wrote, “One more time you play this type of character. Every character in the movie is really beautiful. Good luck.”

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