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Depressed, suicidal actress after breakup, found hanging body

Chennai : Actress Pauline Jessica passed away at the age of 29 She was a popular actress in the Tamil film industry According to police sources, Palin committed suicide The death of the heroine casts a shadow of grief in the southern film industry

According to sources, Palin was found hanging from her home on Sunday, September 18 Later, the neighbors informed the police and the police of Koyembedu police station took his body to the hospital Pauline Jessica’s body has been sent for post-mortem

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According to news agency sources, the police recovered a diary of Palin Many secrets about Pauline have been revealed from Pauline’s diaries Pauline wrote several times in her diary that she no longer wanted to live There is no one to support him, he also wrote there

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The police suspect that the actress committed suicide because of a love affair According to his diary, he was involved in a relationship Palin reportedly committed suicide after the man rejected her Police are looking for Palin’s boyfriend All CCTV footage of the building is being scrutinized An investigation is also underway as to who visited the actress’ house the day before her death

Palin was popularly known as Deepa in the Tamil film industry He acted in several popular Tamil films The family is saddened by Pauline’s death

Published by:Anulekha Kar

First published: September 20, 2022, 17:07 IST

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Tags: Actress Death, Suicide

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Tags: Depressed suicidal actress breakup hanging body

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