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Bollywood stars who received immoral offers in exchange for work 1185427 | The voice of time

Bollywood is a big business. Along with the glitz, glamour, success, fame, there remains some unknown dark side of Bollywood, which never comes to the fore. There are certain things in this industry that remain hidden for fear of public shaming. One of which is the casting couch.


It means a mentality where directors and filmmakers take undue advantage of an actor or actress. Youngsters are offered film opportunities in exchange for sexual favors. Many actors and actresses have gone through this and now they have started talking about it, shedding some light on the dark side of Bollywood. Let’s find out about some stars who were offered to sleep in exchange for work.

Surveen Chawla: Even though he did not make a good start to his career in Bollywood, he stormed in a bold style with ‘Hate Story’. But the actress spoke about facing the casting couch in South Indian films. He was offered a bad offer by a director, which he turned down. After that he never gave up and continued his hard work.

Kalki Koechlin: She is also one of the few actresses who has spoken about the casting couch. When he was also asked to compromise, he refused the offer.

Ayushmann Khurrana: Before his debut in Bollywood, Ayushmann was a popular actor. During her struggling days she was asked by some casting directors to offer sexual favors, which she refused. A television director made her a negative offer, which she did not accept. He also talked about the reality of the casting couch.

Kangana Ranaut: This actress was also a victim of casting couch. He said, one would have to be really dumb to think that they would get a role in a movie in exchange for going to bed. I was never that dumb, not even when I started my career at 17. People should use their common sense. There is no exemption in these matters.

Ranveer Singh: Speaking about the matter, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ star Ranveer Singh said, “Yes, casting couches exist in the industry. I felt this in my struggling days. But it depends on how you deal with the situation. I chose to politely decline. ”

Radhika Apte: ‘Parched’ actress Radhika Apte recalls the horror of being offered a Bollywood movie on the condition of staying overnight. In a conversation with an online portal, Radhika revealed that she knows many instances of casting couch and also knows many people who have gone through it.

Usha Yadav: National award winning actress Usha Yadav, best known for the films ‘Traffic Signal’, ‘Dhaag’, ‘The Mumbai Trilogy’ and ‘Veerappan’. But this actress also gave an example about the casting couch. Because she was ordered to have sex with a man directly, in return for which she would be given a chance to act in a film. The actress turned down the offer.

Siamese Kher: Saiyami, who made her debut with Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘Mirzia’ opposite Harshvardhan Kapoor. She said, she feels sad that women are often exploited in the industry. He revealed that he too has been in a similar situation. A female producer made him this offer. But Sayami clearly told the lady not to call him again.

Apart from this, many stars have witnessed this unpleasant incident in Bollywood. Many famous stars have often shared their bitter experiences. Many have protested, and many have thrown this dark chapter of theirs into darkness.

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