Chishti Baul on the competition stage, ‘Crisis or gathering’

Chishti Baul on the competition stage, ‘Crisis or gathering’
Chishti Baul on the competition stage, ‘Crisis or gathering’

It is difficult to find an audience of Bengali Baul and folk songs who do not know Chishti Baul. His full name is Shamsel Haque Chishti. He became widely known six years ago by singing “Behaya Man”. The song was sung by Chishti Baul in Fusion organized by Gun Bangla TV.

The song published in his voice has more than 23 million views. Besides, many others have achieved success by covering this song. After that, this Baul once again asserted his Munshiana with the song titled “Ji Lahe Naseebe”. This song also created a storm in the net world. spread among the audience-artists of different ages.

That Chishti Baul is now in the role of a contestant in “Magic Bouliana” airing on Machranga TV! Going through auditions, grooming, fighting in studio rounds with other ordinary contestants. Already the video of his performance has spread on social media. Many people are surprised to see that.

A man who has been singing bowls regularly on stage for almost three decades, has gained fame, why did he enter a TV competition to survive? The online media Bangla Tribune has published a special report on the matter.

Chishti Baul told the media, “The discussion on Facebook is actually being exaggerated. I didn’t go into the competition with any problems. Just went to present my songs beautifully. So that the youth can sing properly. Spent some time with them, enjoyed it. After that, I wanted to leave.”

He said that he has already gone to Savar from the competition. Participated in it out of madness of mind. Left with the same thought.

Commenting on this talented artist, “Once I saw my song on Channel I was sung by an artist in the wrong tune. To prevent that from happening, I went to this event!”

Meanwhile, many people are saying on Facebook that maybe Chishti stepped on this path due to some problem. Again, he is surrounded by various levels of negative criticism.

Chishti Baul said, “No, I am not in any problem. Allah is the owner of sustenance. Apart from singing, I do homeopathy treatment, farming, shopkeeping and many other things.”

How is the music going now? On hearing the question, the artist replied, “I don’t run for music. I’m sitting, because if you don’t stay, you will come.”

Meanwhile, many people are commenting, “To discuss this season of Magic Bowliana, Chishti Baul has been placed on the stage of the competition without sitting in the judge’s seat.

Regarding such allegations, Rumman Rashid Khan, Deputy Manager (Programme, Creative Incharge) of Machranga Television and script writer of ‘Magic Bauliana’ told the media, “Chishti Baul is a popular and virtuous person. No doubt about it. As a result, we want any campaign to defame him or sell his name – it is never supported by the fishing authorities. Chishti Baul entered this competition on his own initiative. Which he had written before, but he could not appear for the service.

It should be noted that “Magic Bouliana” is one of the country’s folk song events. It is currently in its fourth season. This time Baul Shafi Mondal, Shahnaz Beli and Arif Dewan are serving as the main judges. More than 50,000 contestants from across the country had pre-registered. However, only 18 artistes got a place in the main stage. Among them, the studio round is arranged in three groups of 6 people each. Chishti Baul is in one group.

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