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A movie is a dream and how primitive was born

A movie is a dream and how primitive was born
A movie is a dream and how primitive was born

Langra’s floating life. He wanders from station to station to avoid being blamed for the murder. Wherever he goes he makes new connections with new people. One day he met Kala and Kala’s wife Sohagi at Tongi railway station. That identity gives rise to various complications in Langra’s life. That is the summary of the story of the original movie. The movie ‘Adim’ won the ‘Netpack Jury Award’ at the 44th Moscow International Film Festival. Primitive’s story has tension, but like its story there are real incidents of complications, obstacles, rebukes, human attacks, censure, shame, sleepless nights, meaning. The director and artists of the movie revealed how much adverse conditions they had to face in the production of this movie in its press conference. Director Yuvraj Shamim and the artists of the movie ‘Adeem’ highlighted such experiences in a press conference held at the seminar hall of Film Archive located in Agargaon on September 8. Shamim plans to build ‘Adim’ in 2016. But he had none of what it takes to make a movie, including money. But did not give up. In 2017, a builder in the Netherlands paid 200 euros to build Adim after hearing his story. From there Shamim got the inspiration to create Adim. A lot of money was needed to complete the movie. Decided to sell movie shares to raise money. He announced the sale of shares on Facebook. He started the production of the movie with the money received from there. The story of the movie revolves around a railway slum. The director thought it would be better if the characters were also from the slums. From that thought, Badsha discovered people like the Dulal Sohagis who were completely unknown and unknown, whose lives were spent in poverty and despair in Tongi Basti. Adim was built with them. Are these people really benefited? In response to such a question, Yuvraj Shamim said, “I have really benefited.” The original was shown in Moscow, received an award. Everyone knows me. No one knows them that way. I want them to benefit too. Let everyone know them. Let them work. Talking about the experience, the artists who acted in the movie said, when Shamim bhai started coming to our slum, we thought him crazy. Then I laughed a lot when he told us about a movie. We are slum people. How to act in the movie! Shamim Bhai explained to us. I liked his words and agreed. While working with him, we had to listen to a lot of people. The police also gave us a lot of trouble during the shooting. Shamim took the brother and sang, later released him. The people of the slums used to say that we are walking with madmen. These can be seen behind the TV, we do YouTube. He used to shame and insult by saying these kinds of things. Today, when our film wins awards abroad, they themselves come to us and ask where the film can be seen. Now everyone mingles with us, sees us differently. It feels so good. Everything happened for Yuvraj Shamim bhai. We are grateful to him. We are very happy that our movie won awards abroad. We want to do better. Talking about the experience and feelings of receiving the award for the movie ‘Adeem’ at the press conference, Yuvraj Shamim said, I have been swayed by many beliefs and disbeliefs for five years. When I got the invitation from Moscow, I felt I could do something. But I didn’t think there would be an award, the movie would be appreciated. Today all my hard work and hardships have paid off. He said, about 15 lakh taka has been spent on the original construction. However, this does not include director, artist, editing costs, including incidental costs and many other things. Produced under the banner of my own production company Rasayan, crowdfunded and with Cinemakar and Lotus Films as co-producers. The cinematography of the film was done by Aamir Hamza and sound and color by Sujan Mahmood.

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