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Good songs still happen: Tapan Chowdhury

Good songs still happen: Tapan Chowdhury
Good songs still happen: Tapan Chowdhury

Tapan Chowdhury, who enriched the music scene of Bangladesh for more than four decades with one after another melodious poetic, lyrical songs and still tries to keep that continuity in the country. Due to his indomitable love for music, he did not think about anything else in life apart from music. That dear face, beloved artist has been staying in Montreal, Canada for a long time. He didn’t stop singing there either. Tapan Chowdhury sings on various occasions. However, I always want to return to my country. He misses the country all the time. Because the peace and contentment of singing in front of thousands of people on the soil of the country is not born from singing anywhere else in the world. Tapan Chowdhury said that he recently sang a song titled ‘Last Farewell’ in the tune of Ruptanu Sharma. Humayun Chowdhury wrote the lyrics of the song. Regarding the song, Tapan Chowdhury from Canada expressed his feelings and said, ‘This is the first time I have sung a song in Ruptanu’s music. The lyrics, the melody of the song really moved me. This song is proof that good songs still exist. I don’t know how to sing a song that doesn’t have poetry or lyricism.’ Tapan Chowdhury last visited the country in March last year. He recently composed ‘Sabai Tumi’ written by Mustafa Khalid Palash. He also sang the song in the music of Ujjal Sinha. Tapan Chowdhury said that there is no plan to come to the country for now. However, I always want to come back to the country. In 1979, Tapan Chowdhury became an overnight star as an artist after the song ‘Mon Dot Mon Choonche’ sung by Tapan Chowdhury as a band group ‘Souls’ was aired on Bangladesh television. This song written by Naqeeb Khan and sung by Pilu Khan moves forward.
After gaining massive popularity in 1979, the song was included on Souls’ debut album in 1981 when it was released. Later, Tapan Chowdhury’s song ‘Mon Bhod Mon Chuche’ was used in the serial drama ‘Pratishruti’ aired on Bangladesh Television.
Manas Banerjee and American expatriate actress Yuthi acted in the filming of this song. Tapan Chowdhury’s debut in film music was in the Amjad Hossain-directed film ‘Bhat De’ by singing the song Keta Khonlam.
The song was penned by actor Alamgir. But the most popular song in the film is the song ‘Pathor Aurdi Kachcher Hriday’ written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar from the movie ‘Dhaka 86’ directed by Nayakraj Razzak. Tapan Chowdhury’s co-artist was Shakila Zafar. His latest solo album is ‘Fire Elam’.

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