‘I want to bite your lips!

‘I want to bite your lips!
‘I want to bite your lips!

City Tribune: Rupoli on the screen heroine the mind to soak his that the pair fair load, like that evidence many times received Bollywood the audience he quality In addition to Shah Rukh Khan’s in possession And a Trumpet cards has sacrifice many of the hero compared to his sense of humor or any in part less not that sense of humor with manymischievousQuestion too effortlessly handle give A Twice his sample gave Shah Rukh.

fans with often Q&A in the game drunk Shah Rukh. on Twitter him at will question to do can the fans his funny Answer too give he However he all of the question allT.E that simple is, like that not like that onemischievousof the question in the mouth read Shah Rukh. on Twitter his one woman fans question,’your on the lips the bite to put want! i am what that to do I can??’ such of the question in the north a little bit Vabachaka did not eat Shah Rukh. temperamental sense of humor with his counter answer gave said,’no, i am still teeth Majini!!!!’

Khansaheb’s A hen In response so fun has gone funny devotees Shahrukh’s sense of humor Appreciation did almost four of thousands nearby devotee this the questionanswer Of course recent not on Twitter that floating got up that 2016 in However again that title is biting such sense of humor sample before showed Shah Rukh. That too 2016 the year he Twice And one devoteebraveAbdar,’your Cheek toll the kiss to eat wantwith quite a few Emoji. he times Of course Shah Rukh his to the devotee a little indulgence gave counter question did,’at which, the lefton the side no the right on the side???’Report: KUK.

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