Why so many conditions in film production: Jaya Ahsan

Why so many conditions in film production: Jaya Ahsan
Why so many conditions in film production: Jaya Ahsan

Forest department’s wildlife crime prevention unit case against the director of the movie ‘Hawa’, protesting showbiz arena for not allowing the release of director Mustafa Saryar Farooqui’s new movie ‘Shanibaer Bickel’. Recently, makers, artists and craftsmen organized a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity titled ‘Sword of Censorship in Bengali Films or Content…We Want Freedom to Tell Stories’. Jaya Ahsan was present there. He said, ‘Can any art really comply with any conditions? How can the film be made so conditional? I myself have a genuine passion for nature. From that place I will talk more about life-nature. So what to stop the movie?
Deforestation is happening all around, animals are being treated inhumanely day after day. Where are the forest department or the administration? Why is there so much pressure from the administration just for films?’
Jaya also asked the question, ‘Are we not going to make a film? Shall we not tell the story?’
Jaya also expressed anger at not getting ‘Saturday Afternoon’ censors. He said, ‘The movie is being talked about now. We are having difficulty with this. Hole Artisan did not actually happen? It happened. They have been written about. A few days ago, Shaheen Akhtar wrote a novel. Have we been able to prevent them? What’s wrong with movies?
My birthday is July 1. I am so traumatized by the Hole Artisan incident that I cannot celebrate my birthday. I think that day left a black mark. We have to go with these. Do not put so many obstacles in the place of artistic practice. Give us the environment to work.’

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