Diana’s relationship with the Queen was a major test for the monarchy

To the Queen she was at last ‘that tormented girl.’ Diana, however, said she had ‘great respect’ for her mother-in-law and would do anything for her. But the Queen doesn’t seem to have felt that way, as she saw the impact Diana had on the monarchy during her lifetime and after her death. News BBC.

Marrying someone from outside the royal family is a bold move—even for someone like Diana, who was well-versed in royal lines.

Born into a noble family, Diana spent her childhood years at Park House, one of the Queen’s residences, a stone’s throw from Sandringham. Rani undoubtedly thought that this girl had all the qualifications to be a princess in the royal family.

But it soon became clear that young, impulsive Diana was not yet ready for the strict medieval rule-based life of the palace.

She did not get the help of her future husband in this regard. Charles’s austere personality contrasted with Diana’s bubbly and outgoing personality. In addition, his former lover Camilla Parker-Bowles still cast a shadow on Charles’ heart.

After Charles and Diana got engaged, when a TV reporter asked Charles if he was in love with Diana – Charles’s curmudgeonly reply, “Whatever that love means” – gave a hint of how the couple’s relationship was going to turn out. The Rani believed in the policy of rarely turning a blind eye to the marriage of her children.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

Mood problems: Many commentators have said that the queen should have been advising and instructing new members of the royal family on family customs.

Diana felt helpless and isolated when she came to the royal family—not knowing what was expected of her—and frustrated that she was never praised for doing good.

Like Prince Charles, the Queen was uncomfortable with Princess Diana’s outbursts of anger – unsure how to handle the situation. Rani had a different experience growing up. In his time there was no way to express feelings or thoughts.

They didn’t know how to handle Diana’s mood swings and some of the dramatic moves she made to get attention.

Many believed that Diana knew how to sway public opinion and used it. The royal family was also inefficient in this regard. The Queen saw Diana and Charles’ marriage falling apart. But he expected a lot from this marriage.

He was just trying to keep the peace from the sidelines. He was well aware that his son’s failure in this regard and the eventual failure of this marriage would be a major blow to the future of the monarchy.

03-631abd5ad9077.jpgThe aftermath of Diana’s death was a major test for the monarchy.

Last attempt: After Charles and Diana’s relationship deteriorated further, the Queen decided to break with her policy of keeping her nose out of her son’s married life. He calls the two to talk and urges them to make one last effort to save the marriage.

But there was no result. The Queen decided to intervene again after Diana decided to reveal her story to the world in an interview on the BBC’s Panorama programme.

He wrote a letter to both of them separately and said that the only way open to them now is divorce. Keeping her grandchildren in mind, the Queen maintained a good relationship with Diana. But after their divorce, the Queen and Diana grew increasingly distant.

After Diana’s death, the Queen was accused of showing a failure to understand the public mind. The Queen was at Balmoral Palace to comfort her two grieving grandsons.

Following this incident, many newspapers carried dramatic headlines alluding to the Queen’s reaction to Diana’s death, and as the public’s reflection grew, she was forced to return to London.

The day before Diana’s funeral, the Queen gave an unprecedented televised speech in which she spoke openly about her daughter-in-law relationship. His broadcast was groundbreaking. In it, the Queen recognized Princess Diana’s passion and contribution to society.

It is said that the queen saved the monarchy from the brink of disaster through her speech. The Queen bid a final farewell to her daughter-in-law as the coffin carrying Princess Diana’s body passed through the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth paid her last respects to the young princess who was loved and respected by so many millions, but remained a jester to her mother-in-law.

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