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Vicky Kaushal | Why she chose Vicky Kaushal reveals Katrina Kaif dgtl

Sometimes Salman, sometimes Ranveer. Once upon a time in Balipara, the names of several heroes were heard as Katrina Kaif’s lovers. But beyond all that, Kat gave the garland to Vicky Kaushal, who came to the film world relatively later. But for what qualities did the heroine choose Vicky? Said in his own mouth.

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In a recent interview, Kat said that there are certain qualities of Vicky that she likes the most. Kat says mutual respect is essential for any relationship to last. There should be honesty. Both these qualities he first saw in Vicky. No relationship can stand the test of time without these qualities, Kate claims.

Even though Vicky did not open her heart, Katrina did not push her away. Photo: Collected

Katrina said, in the beginning of the relationship, Vicky did not open her heart easily. But how much Vicky cares about her family, the heroine did not miss her eyes. So even though Vicky did not open her heart, Katrina did not push her away. Vicky started giving equal importance to Katrina along with her family. That’s what makes Katrina happy. Apart from this, Katrina thinks that her husband is a match for ideals.

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