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Pranjal’s song in Dev’s movie

Pranjal’s song in Dev’s movie
Pranjal’s song in Dev’s movie


‘Just as wheels are needed to turn a car, money is needed to live in Kali Yuga’ – we face this fact every day. And Dev-Prosenjit pointed out that truth.

On Thursday (08 September) the second song of Dev’s ‘Kachher Manhoos’ was released.

‘Superstar Singer 2’ finalist Pranjal Biswas has sung this song. Pranjal, the son of Nadia in West Bengal, India, stole the show on Sony TV’s reality show. Despite reaching the final, Pranjal missed out on the trophy. But thanks to God, this little artist has been played back in Indian Bengali cinema.

Written and composed by Nilayan Chattopadhyay, this song has the flavor of Bengali Baul songs. Pranjal’s soulful voice has breathed life into this song.

This song is inspired by traditional Bengali folk song ‘Taka lage’. Not getting a job, thinking about not having money, despair – in a word, this song is a glimpse of the life struggle of a middle class Bengali.

Talking about the songs of the movie, Dev said, ‘I have tried to make all the songs of close people different. On one hand veterans like Ushadi have sung, while young artists like Pranjal are also a part of movie songs. ‘

Pathikrit Bose has produced the movie ‘Kachher Mansoom’. Dev’s heroine is Isha Saha. After ‘Golandaz’, the audience will see this pair again on screen. Prosenjit is in a special role. The movie will be released on September 30.

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