How far are the educational qualifications of these Bengali serial actresses?

How far are the educational qualifications of these Bengali serial actresses?
How far are the educational qualifications of these Bengali serial actresses?

Entertainment Desk: At the moment, there are several names in the list of top heroines of Bengali serials. Mithai, Khari, Phuljhuri, Lakshmi Kakima are now the best heroines of Bengali serials according to the audience. All of them will have nothing to do with acting.

But do you know how far these heroines of Bengali serials have studied? Who is ahead in the race to be the topper in the study? Find out today the educational qualifications of the heroines of Bengali serials.

Soumitrisha Kundu: Soumitrisha Kundu is the heroine of Zee Bangla’s ‘Mithai’ serial. He has surpassed everyone in acting. Soumitrisha has acted in several serials before. Apart from the role of the heroine, she has also played the role of the villain. Soumitrisha is top in acting as well as in studies but she is far ahead. The actress has passed her graduation.

Solanki Roy: She is the heroine of ‘Gant Rham’ series. His popularity among the audience has skyrocketed. Solanki has acted in many serials before. Notable among these are ‘Prthama Kadambini’, ‘River of Desire’ etc. She is considered as an A-list actress among the top heroines of Bengali serials. Solanki studied Political Science from Jadavpur University. He then pursued his post-graduate studies in International Relations.

Manali De: Another superhit heroine of Bengali serial Manali Dey is also a famous actress. She entered the acting world at a very young age with the serial ‘Bau Katha Kao’. After that, Manali didn’t have to look back. Successive serial and film work has come to his hands. Now she is acting as Phuljhuri in the serial ‘Dhulokana’. But he studied in various famous institutions since his childhood. The actress also studied dance.

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Undefeated: Aparajita is relatively older than other actresses in this list. His association with Bengali serials is almost 20 years old. Starting from Doordarshan series, Aparajita has acted in Star Jalsa, Zee Bangla in Halfil. Now she is Lakshmi Kakima of Zee Bangla. Although acting from a young age, he passed his graduation despite being busy.

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