Queen Elizabeth Death: Queen elizabeth ii 300 diamond studded necklace was wedding gift from nizam of hyderabad

Gantha 300 diamond necklace in platinum. Queen Elizabeth has worn this precious necklace repeatedly during her seven decades as empress. After becoming a queen, whether it is an official portrait or a forced royal dress. On many occasions, the beautiful diamond necklace has returned to the queen’s dress. Not only Queen Elizabeth II, but her granddaughter Kate has also been seen wearing this gorgeous necklace. Elizabeth received this necklace as a wedding gift, a favorite of the royal family. She is still not a queen. Princess of Britain. This rate went to the Nizam of Hyderabad as a wedding vet for the princess. Although it was not designed in India. The necklace was made by the famous European company Cartier.

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Elizabeth and Philip were married on November 20, 1947. On the occasion of that wedding, the kings and maharajas sent valuable gifts from all over the world. The Nizam of Hyderabad also gave gifts. But the condition of that gift was a little different. Nizam Asaf Shah of Hyderabad had a condition that he would give the gift. However, Elizabeth herself will choose it from the London store of famous jeweler Cartier. It was at that request that this watch designed by Cartier was chosen. The platinum band was set with around 300 diamonds at this rate. The Nizam’s necklace became the Queen’s iconic fashion statement after she ascended the throne in 1972.

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Queen’s 300 diamond rate
The Queen was photographed a few days after her accession to the throne in February 1952. Dorothy Wilding’s photograph of the new Queen was later sent to Commonwealth countries. In that picture, the queen, wearing a satin gown, was wearing a necklace given by the Nizam and a diamond bracelet given by her husband Philip. The picture was later recognized as the official portrait of the queen. In embassies around the world, the Queen’s portrait shone with a diamond necklace given by the Nizam.

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Kate the Duchess of Cambridge has also been seen wearing this grandmother-in-law favorite. A photo of the necklace was posted on Instagram by the royal family to mark the seventieth year of the Queen’s reign. Along with Rani, pictures of Kate wearing Nizam’s dowry were also posted there.
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