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Brahmastra: Alia-Ranveer’s ‘Brahmastra’ can beat Marvel or DC!

Brahmastra, Ranbir-Alia, G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s one of the most awaited film ‘Brahmastra’ released on Friday. The excitement around this film directed by Ayan Mukherjee has been high since the beginning. This film has done about 23 crores in pre-booking alone. 11 crore tickets were pre-booked on the first day. The first movie of the Brahmastra trilogy, ‘Brahmastra: Part One Shiva’ has released in 8913 screens worldwide. On the first day of seeing this picture, mixed reactions were seen on social media. About 40 percent of the audience turned up on the first day. According to some, the film can beat Harry Potter or any film of Marvel Studios, according to some, the love story of Alia-Ranveer has surpassed the original story of this film.

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Apart from Alia and Ranveer, the film also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy in special roles. Shah Rukh Khan appeared in a cameo role. The film created history in VFX and visual spectacle. A section of netpara claims that visual effects of this quality have not been seen in any Hindi film before. Ayan himself admitted that he is a huge fan of Hollywood created universes. He has created such a native ‘Astraverse’ in this film. Many parts of the film show how inspired director Ayan Mukherjee was by Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

The way Ranveer’s guru Amitabh is teaching Ranveer in the weapon gurukula in the film reminds one of Harry Potter’s Dumbledore. As he asks Harry to find the light from the darkness, Amitabh asks Shiva to find the true spirit that will help him overcome his fears and become stronger. On the other hand, Scarlet Witch Wonder can be found similar to Mouni.

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Although there are several references in the screenplay, this film is never a copy of those movies, it can be said to be an inspiration. Because this film has all the native elements, which completely blends this film with the Indian mythology. But the VFX of this film can beat any Hollywood film. Apart from Hindi, ‘Brahmastra’ has been released in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

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