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‘If you want to live in the Koli era, you need money!’ Dev is fighting a tough battle in life! With Prasenjit

Kolkata : Dev and Prasenjit will come together for the puja. To make a place in everyone’s mind. Both Dev and Prosenjit are very close to the audience. People have always loved these two heroes. This time they are bringing the film ‘Near People’. Next 30th of September will be released ‘Near People’. The trailer of this film has already been released.

After Golandaz, Dev and Isha Saha paired up on screen once again. Pathikrit Bose is the director of this film. Dev in production. Now the song of this film has been released. ‘It costs money to live in Koli Yuga’ – this song seems to highlight the current society. In the video of the released song, it is seen that Prasenjit is sitting on the neighborhood rock. And Dev is running in the fight of life throughout the song. Starting from hanging on the bus to go to office, this song talks about the hard struggle of life.

Neelayan Chatterjee is the music director of ‘Kachher Mansoom’. This song is inspired from folk song ‘Taka lage’. The song is sung by child artist Pranjal Biswas. This young artist of Bengal is already famous in reality show. Many people know the story of his learning to sing. But this song is made for Pranjal. This song has become lively. Dev shared this video on his Instagram. Many people have already seen it. Many have also praised. Dev’s last few films have been very popular. It is hoped that ‘Near Man’ will win people’s hearts again.

Published by:Piya Banerjee

First published: September 09, 2022, 16:39 IST

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