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Malek Afsari’s new movie ‘Nine MM’, who are the stars?

Malek Afsari produced the hit film ‘Password’ produced by superstar Shakib Khan. Later, he was not found in the production of the movie even after announcing several times. But this producer was active on his YouTube channel.

After 3 years this director is going to make a new movie called ‘Nine MM’. It will be produced by Rosie Films. Malek Afsari told Channel I Online that the shooting will start in December.

‘Nine MM’ will be made entirely in the action genre. Director Afsari said, I have decided who will be the artists. But since I haven’t paid them yet, I don’t want to name them. Artists are busy at work. Maybe give time next week. Then I can tell.


Malek Afsari said, I am a professional director, so all the artists I will take will be professionals. All the artists who will be there are from Bangladesh.

‘Nine mm’ is a bullet caliber. Malek Afsari’s new movie is going to be made with this concept. This is going to be the 7th movie under the banner of Rosie Films. Malek Afsari said, I am producing from a business perspective. It takes a long time to make FDR in the bank but profits can be made in a short time if you do movie business. Going to produce only to do business. I will release ‘Nine MM’ on next Eid.

Abdullah Zaheer Babu wrote the story of the movie. He said, ‘Nine MM’ carries the identity of a killer. In between, various events started happening.

‘Nine mm’ would be in Bengali (nine millimetres). Afsari said, the work of the story is over. I will shoot in December-January. Shooting will be done in Dhaka and Rangamati, Cox’s Bazar. There will be cameraman Shaheen from Bangladesh. The technicians will be all Indians.

He said that everyone will do the song-action, the post work will be done in India. Going down with a strong team. I believe, if the team is strong, the movie will definitely be good.


The article is in Bengali

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