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Poster unveiling of ‘Operation Sundarbans’, released on 23 September

Poster unveiling of ‘Operation Sundarbans’, released on 23 September
Poster unveiling of ‘Operation Sundarbans’, released on 23 September

The poster of the much awaited movie ‘Operation Sundarban’ has been unveiled. The poster was unveiled at a press conference at RAB’s media center in the capital’s Karwan Bazar on Thursday (September 8) afternoon.

This movie is based on the adventures of RAB, the country’s only elite force in the Sundarbans. The movie will release on September 23. Before this, there will be a special premiere on September 20.

Actor Riaz presented the poster unveiling ceremony. At this time, RAB handed over a memento to the chief guest national actor Asaduzzaman Noor.

Asaduzzaman Noor said, ‘It is true that I joined politics, but when I come in contact with these people, I get a new life. I always think that the acting life is my real life.

Noor also said that documentaries are usually made on such topics. But the fact that RAB plans to make a movie about it is very commendable. What I heard about humanitarian and rehabilitation projects is very important.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of legal and media wing of RAB headquarters, highlighted the production and context of the film at the event.

He said, Sundarbans is our pride. But it has been a haven for bandits since the Mughal period. Today, the Sundarbans have been freed from bandits under the leadership of the Prime Minister. RAB did the work in five processes.

‘RAB has conducted direct operations to rid the Sundarbans of bandits, acquired special capabilities, increased intelligence activities, cut contact of bandits on land. Bandits started surrendering in 2016. In 2018, 32 bands of bandits surrendered.’

Moin said that the bandits wanted to return to normal life. RAB has arranged that. The Prime Minister has given them financial assistance. RAB launched Sundarbans Smile Project. There girls are taught sewing machines, boys are taught driving.

‘I even took motivational classes so that they don’t go back to banditry again. We have spoken to the local chairman and members of parliament, so that the society accepts the members naturally. Shops have been given to them, cattle have been bought, houses have been given to them.’

Moin also said that the director of the movie Dipankar Dipan was in Sundarbans for 6 months. Submitted thesis paper. Then the work of this movie started.

Siam Ahmed, Nusrat Faria, Ziaul Roshan, Riaz, Manoj Pramanik, Samina Bashar, Taskin Rahman and many others have acted in different roles in this movie.

Filmmaker Siam said, many people wanted to know – Operation Sundarban will be a documentary? Tell them, this is a complete movie, full movie. Everyone will be clear when they get the communication material of the movie.

Actor Riyaz said, after six and a half years, my acting movie is being released. I tried to respect the uniform I worked in.

Film actress Nusrat Faria said, after leaving Jazz Multimedia, I was in doubt whether I would be able to act in any big movie. I did it because of RAB. There was no contact for 35 days while shooting. Everyone in the shooting unit was my family.

Roshan said, I like RAB’s uniform very much. When I got the offer to do the movie, I didn’t think twice. We trained, learned how to hold weapons. I worked thinking myself as a real official of RAB.


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