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Chamak Shahiduzzaman Salim in Apu Biswas’ new movie

Actress Apu Biswas has reached the peak of popularity by presenting numerous audience-pleasing movies. Fans lovingly nicknamed her Dhallywood Queen. That Apu Biswas is going to debut as a producer of a government funded movie for the first time.

It is known that the shooting of the movie ‘Lal Saree’ produced by him will start soon. Apu has signed the famous actor Shahiduzzaman Salim as a surprise in his own produced movie.

In this regard, Apu Biswas said, I have high hopes for the government grant movie. I want to present a good movie to the audience. In this movie we got a powerful actor like Shahiduzzaman Selim. There is surprise in his character. I can tell the audience is going to get something great.

Shahiduzzaman Salim signed a contract at a restaurant in the capital on Thursday (September 8). The movie will be directed by Bandhan Biswas.

It is good to say that this Dhallywood queen has received a grant of Tk 65 lakh from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the production of the movie under the banner of Apu-Joy. On July 20, the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting handed over the grant check to Apu Biswas in the meeting room of the Ministry.

It is not yet known who will act opposite Apu Biswas in the movie. But he said that he will make it public soon.

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