Jaya’s new movie with stage Sharmin

Jaya’s new movie with stage Sharmin
Jaya’s new movie with stage Sharmin

Bengali popular actress Jaya Ahsan revealed the name of the new movie on social media. He also released a poster of the movie. From that, it is known that the name of this new movie is ‘Jaya and Sharmin’. ‘Haseena A Daughter’s Tale’ famous director Piplu R Khan is seen as the director.

Sharing the poster on her verified Facebook page on Thursday night, Jaya wrote, ‘Finally, Jaya and Sharmin. A picture of two women in an unknown world. A documentation of our internal conflicts and hidden, unspoken feelings. A small picture taken at a strange time, in an extraordinary experience; But hopefully it will stir your feelings.’

The actress also wrote, ‘I am Jaya in the role of ‘Jaya’ and theater veteran Mohsina plays the role of ‘Sharmin’. My best wishes for him. We wish you all the best on this journey.’

That is, Jaya Ahsan acted in this movie under her own name. On the other hand, well-known stage actress Mohsina Akhtar played the role of Sharmin. The movie is produced by Piplu R Khan’s Apple Box, Abu Shahed Eamon’s Box Office Multimedia and Jaya Ahsan’s company C-T Cinema.

The screenplay of the movie is jointly written by Piplu R Khan and Nusrat Mati. However, when the movie ‘Jaya Aar Sharmeen’ will be released, the makers have not announced.

Meanwhile, Jaya’s another movie ‘Beauty Circus’ is going to release on September 23. The story of this movie is about Beauty, the owner and lead artist of a circus troupe and her circus troupe. Jaya Ahsan in the lead role. There are also Ferdous, Taukir Ahmed, Gazi Rakayet, ABM Sumon, Shatabdi Wadud, Humayun Kabir Sadhu and many others.

Apart from this, Jaya Ahsan has also completed a movie called ‘Fereshte’ written and directed by Iranian director Murtaza Atash Zamzam. It is currently awaiting release. Apart from this, Jaya has several other works in her hand in Apar and Opar Bengal.

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