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The movie ‘Live’ starring Simon is being released

The movie ‘Live’ starring Simon is being released
The movie ‘Live’ starring Simon is being released

After four long years, the film ‘Live’ starring Simon is being released. Based on a true story, the film will release on September 9. Produced by Shapla Media in the genre of psycho thriller, Adar Azad, Khairul Bashar, Shiva Shanu, Amin Sarkar and Saberi Alam also acted in this film.

On the occasion of the release, a press conference was held at a hotel in Iskaton of the capital on Wednesday. Simon said at the conference, eight of my pictures are currently censored. This is one of the films I am very optimistic about. He said, ‘After signing this film, many people convinced me to act in it. Their argument was that there is no place to show heroism in this film. But I said, I don’t want heroism, I want whether there is room for acting or not. I am thankful that the director gave me the opportunity to act.’

Simon said, last year I signed three movies of Shapla Media. This was one of them. I acted in it for 16 minutes. which is kept in the movie. How hard work an actor like me can do this in one go! The whole story was worth paying attention to. The shade of mystery found in the teaser, it seems that the audience will see the end of the story once they sit down to watch it. Film artists association president Elias Kanchan, general secretary actress Nipun Akhtar and film related people were present on the occasion. Nipun said that Bangladeshi cinema is getting fresh air again. I have already heard the story of the movie ‘Live’. This movie is based on a real story. Hope everyone likes it. Everyone will come and watch the movie. In the press conference, Mahiya Mahi was given a condition that she cannot sleep in the movie ‘Live’. Mahi has fulfilled that condition properly. He worked without sleeping for two days. It is not only Mahi who has acted with maximum in the ‘Live’ movie. The others with it have also done a great job. Simon Sadiq and Adar Azad are among them. And admitting that fact, director Shamim Ahmed Roni also praised the actors.

He said that Mahi was given a condition before signing the film that she should not sleep, but she worked for two days without sleeping. Because we needed to look like people who don’t sleep. Mahi gave her utmost dedication. I would say Mahi, Simon and Adar have given their best in this film.

The director said that this is his first work with Mahi, Simon and Adar. All three of them acted in the film with maximum.
Talking about the shooting experience, Mahi said, the shooting area was isolated with polythene in such a way that we could not breathe. We did the work very hard. I could not sleep properly for two days. I shot continuously. I slept on the floor whenever I got a little gap. I have never worked so hard on a film before. The actress also said, when we stand in front of the camera, say a dialogue – that’s when we understand how the movie will be. I will say from that place, very good film ‘Live’. I don’t think I’ve done anything like this before. The audience will like the film.

Mentioning that everyone has done a good job in the movie ‘Live’, Mahi said, when I go to shoot a new movie, I realize how good the work will actually be. While shooting for the ‘Live’ movie, I realized that the work has been amazing. Everyone has acted very well here. Simon and I used to discuss that this live movie will take a big turn in life.

Cinematographer Ilyas Kanchan said, the tide of cinema has started. Now if good films are released, this tide can be maintained. Regarding the live film, he said, I heard that the film was very good. I have also heard about the dedication of artists. This film is proof that artists are also a part of film making. Their hard work will be worthwhile if the audience goes in groups.

The article is in Bengali

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