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Queen Elizabeth II: Diana vs. Elizabeth, mother-in-law-grandmother ‘Cold War’ witness British royal family? – queen elizabeth and princess diana complicated relationship here are the details

An open, lively person. The other is bold, serious. Always bound by the rules of monarchy. The chemistry of Princess Diana’s relationship with her mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II still haunts the world. They never publicly insulted each other. It is unthinkable in the British royal family. However, the distance of hundreds of miles has been repeatedly captured in the smiling pictures of Rani and her eldest daughter-in-law. Diana and Charles’ breakup furthered the distance. However, the Queen’s silence on Diana’s death in 1997 was not taken well by the British media. Finally, before Diana’s funeral, Rani opened up in an unprecedented televised message.
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Seven decades of British empress. However, Elizabeth did not want to be a queen when she was young. Instead, she wanted to be a housewife. There will be a big family. He has four children when he grows up. But happiness in the world? The storm in the married life of the children of the Queen of Britain has repeatedly hurt her. And the most discussed in this marital breakdown is of course the relationship between the Queen’s eldest son Charles and his first wife Diana. The strained relationship between the queen and her daughter-in-law has also appeared several times on the pages of British tabloids.
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Diana, the daughter of a noble family, was only twenty when she became a royal wife. A hundred rules of the royal family were pressed on the shoulders of the cheerful, open-minded adolescent girl. Diana also started to smile, talk and adapt. According to Ingrid Steward, the author of several books about the British royal family, the Queen of Britain slowly began to understand her son’s wife at that time. Diana told Ingrid in an interview that she had the best mother-in-law in the world.

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But this happiness did not last long. Diner’s relationship with Charles, 12 years older, breaks up. The British royal family did not take it well to discuss it publicly. Diana’s popularity was far greater than that of any member of the British royal family. The British public sympathized with the beloved princess whenever news of the ups and downs in the relationship came to the fore. Questions have been raised about the role of the royal family and the queen.

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Many think that the British royal family could not understand how to handle a popular princess like Diana. His mother-in-law did not understand. Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. The whole of Britain mourns the death of the beloved princess. Rani came under severe criticism for not being a part of the crowd’s mourning. Finally, with a speech on TV, Queen Elizabeth handled the public outrage on that journey. He promised to bring changes in the royal family with time. Diana would have wanted that.

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