British Queen Funeral: The Queen’s coffin is being brought from Scotland to London, will be buried in Westminster Abbey – british queen elizabeth ii funeral will be held in London in ten days

The entire country is mourning the death of British Queen Elizabeth II. Preparations for his funeral have already started. His body will be brought from Balmoral Palace in Scotland to Buckingham Palace in London on Friday. From there, the Queen’s coffin will be taken in procession to Westminster Hall. The coffined body of the queen will lie there for the next 3 days. Anyone can visit Westminster Hall on this day to pay their last respects to the Queen. For this, this hall will be kept open 23 hours a day. British Queen Elizabeth II will be buried next to her husband Prince Philip in Westminster Abbey 10 days after her death.

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How will the Queen’s body be brought from the castle of Scotland to London? According to British royal family sources, the Queen’s coffin will first be taken from the palace fort to the Edinburgh palace fort in Scotland. From there, the Queen’s coffin will start its journey to London. A musical salute will be played at Edinburgh Castle to pay their last respects to the Queen. Members of the British Royal Guard will fire shots into the air every 10 minutes to commemorate each year of Elizabeth’s life.

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The British flag was kept at half-mast when the news of the Queen’s death came. Also, the Greek Park adjacent to Buckingham Palace in London has also been opened to the public. The area is covered with flowers in memory of the late queen. Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will be saluted at several locations when it returns to London. These include Hyde Park and the Tower of London. The Royal House Artillery will fire a 41-gun salute to the Queen for the last time in Hyde Park. On the other hand, 62 gunshots will be fired from the Tower of London in memory of the Queen.

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A few more rituals will be performed before the additional queen is buried. Londoners will hear the hourly chimes from Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral as the Queen’s coffin returns to London on Friday. On the other hand, Queen’s eldest son Charles is returning from Scotland to London on Friday. He is now the King of Britain after the Queen’s death. He will meet British Prime Minister Liz Truss on his return to London. As per tradition, he will address the nation on Friday. Then he will start the preparation of the ceremony to bid farewell to his mother.

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