Dropped from the top three, ‘Mithai’ took the top spot, see full TRP list

Dropped from the top three, ‘Mithai’ took the top spot, see full TRP list
Dropped from the top three, ‘Mithai’ took the top spot, see full TRP list

In the first place is ‘Gantchara’

Star Jalsa’s ‘Gaantchara’ was ahead since last week. This serial is at the top position in the TRP list this week as well. Riddhi-Khari Jodi’s rating point of this series is 8.2. After being the topper for the past several weeks, the seat of ‘Mithai’ was moved last week. Even this week Zee Bangla’s ‘Mithai’ could not come second. Second place is last week’s topper ‘Gauri L’. That series got 8.0. Last week, the serial scored 8.2. Then in the list is again Star Jalsa. Third place this week is ‘Alta Farding’. His rating point is 7.4. However, the rating points of all serials are slightly lower this week.

At the fourth place is 'Mithai'

At the fourth place is ‘Mithai’

Zee Bangla’s ‘Mithai’ has moved to fourth place this week. Scored 7.2. It goes without saying that the marks obtained have dropped a lot. After ‘Mithai’, ‘Dhulokana’ came in fifth place. Number 7.1 of this series. This week, ‘Lakshmi Kakima Superstar’ is at the sixth position, with a score of 6.8. Once upon a time, ‘Lakshmi Kakima Superstar’ was first for several weeks. However, Kakimar has not been in the top three for the past few days. This week again the number has decreased slightly from the previous week. The previous week the series got 7.3.

Any other series anywhere

Any other series anywhere

In seventh place is ‘Touch of Affection’. This series got 6.4. Seventh includes ‘Uma’, ‘Jagadhatri’, ‘Anurag Chowa’, each with a rating of 6.4. Eighth was ‘Khelnabari’, which scored 5.9, ninth was ‘Madhabeelata’, which scored 5.7 and tenth was ‘Ae Patha Je Na End’, which scored 5.6.

No mega series in top ten

No mega series in top ten

* First – Gantchara (8.2)

* Second – Gauri Elo (8.0)

* Third – Alta Faring (7.4)

* Fourth – sweet (7.2)

* Fifth – Dust (7.1)

* Sixth – Lakshmi Kakima Superstar (6.8)

* Seventh- Jagaddhatri (6.4)

* Seventh- Touch of Affection (6.4)

* eighth – Sir’s letter (5.9)
Toy House (5.9)

* Ninth – Depression (5.7)

* Tenth – If this path does not terminate (5.6).

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