Screenplays are now made with me in mind: Shefali

Screenplays are now made with me in mind: Shefali
Screenplays are now made with me in mind: Shefali

Actress Shefali Shah has associated herself with several popular works since the beginning of her career. In recognition of which he has accumulated several national awards. Although many feel that Shefali did not get enough opportunity to prove himself in the cinema. But thanks to the OTT platform, Shefali’s career has taken a big turn.

Needless to say, Shefali has taken the place of OTT queen at the moment. Among the web series or movies that have been released on OTT in the past few months, Shefali has played the lead role in notable movies. The characters have also been well received by the audience. The list includes acclaimed serials like ‘Darlings’, ‘Jalsa’, ‘Human’. Besides, the second season of the Emmy-winning web series ‘Delhi Crime’ was released recently. Since its release, Shefali has been at the center of discussion among the audience and critics.

Talking about his success, Shefali said, ‘One of the reasons behind the success of Delhi Crime was that people started accepting me. Honestly, the kind of work I want to do, the OTT platform has offered me that kind of work. Screenplays are made with me in mind. I think it’s a big deal.’

Regarding her popularity, she also said, ‘I never wanted to be a heroine. I was running to become a good actress. The audience fulfilled that dream.’

Shefali Shah with Alia Bhatt in 'Darlings'

About the image of heroines in Bollywood, Shefali also said, ‘The appearance or image of Bollywood heroines is changing. Several heroines have walked this path before me. In retrospect, Vidya Balan made Dirty Pictures. But then it was obsolete. She did the opposite of what is expected of a Bollywood actress. But even though it was seen from a different point of view, now it has become a trend.’

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