Untitled’s final silver jubilee concert is today

The final concert of the silver jubilee celebration of Bangladesh’s popular band Tituthine will be held today. The band will end their 25-year anniversary with a concert on Thursday (September 8).

This lovely concert will start at 6 pm in ICCB auditorium number 4. Where there will be many surprises. 21 artists from various bands including Bappa Majumder, Sumon, Rafa, Shishir Ahmed, Palash Noor, Syed Ziaur Rahman, Lincoln will also perform on the stage.

Untitled could not celebrate silver jubilee last year due to corona if desired. This year they are celebrating 25 years with several concerts in the country and outside the country. Released new songs and videos. The event is ending with this mega concert today.

Untitled song will be performed with the Dhaka Symphony Orchestra. The music for the concert was prepared and sent from India by the Mumbai Symphony Orchestra.

Ziaur Rahman, the founding member of the untitled band, said, ‘We are grateful to the listeners and fans for being with us for the past 25 years. It is because of their love that we have reached where we are today. Thank you for all these years who have helped us in many ways, stayed by our side. We want to move forward like this with everyone’s love.’

Notably, the country’s popular rock, progressive rock and alternative rock band ‘Shironam Meen’ officially started its journey on April 14, 1996. Their silver jubilee was completed on April 14.

The current members of Untitled are Zia Rahman (Lyricist-Composer-Bass-Cello-Sarod), Kazi Ahmad Shafin (Drums-Sarod-Flute), Diyat Khan (Lead), Sheikh Ishtiaq (Vocals) and Simon Chowdhury (Keyboards).

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