Calcutta actress complains against ‘Balukheko’ Selim

Young actress Subhasree Kar. He regularly acted on the big screen. His movies have already been widely discussed. In a very short time, he has reached the hearts of the audience through skillful acting. He has already been well appreciated in Kolkata and Bangladesh by acting in some exceptional roles. Subhasree is a name known to Bengali speaking people. He signed a contract with the colorful screen of his country and acted in the movie ‘Bikshov’ of Bangladesh. The movie is directed by Shamim Ahmed Roni.

Popular Kolkata actress Srabanti Chatterjee and Bangladeshi young hero Shanto Khan also acted in it. However, soon after the release of the movie’s poster and trailer, even after its release in theaters, allegations were made against Salim Khan, the head of the production company Shapla Media, regarding the remuneration of the movie. The complaint was filed by Subhasree Kar.

Regarding the complaint, he said that only 20,000 taka was paid to me during the contract with Shapla Media. Almost two years have passed since then. The movie was also released in Bangladesh. But my full remuneration is still not clear. But before the release of the movie, I asked for the remaining remuneration. Said to pay in July this year (the release month of the movie). But I have not received my full remuneration. So now it has to be said that the executive producer of the movie is Kolkata’s Arindam Das.

He also said that I got involved with acting in this movie through him. I also informed him about the remuneration. He promised to look into the matter. However, when I did not get the remuneration, I discussed the matter with the main producer of the movie, Salim Khan. Then I was assured that they would pay me. But no one has paid any fee yet. This is very sad. So I have decided to file a written complaint with ‘Artist Forum’, an organization of performers in Kolkata. Let’s see what happens next.

However, when Salim Khan was contacted by RTV News, his mobile phone was found to be switched off.

Earlier too, there were several complaints against Shapla Media regarding artists’ remuneration. Film actress Salwa wrote on her personal Facebook ID, the artist is responsible for the personal problems of any production company! Even though the shooting and dubbing of director Shamim Ahmed Roni’s film ‘Bubujan’ has been completed for a long time, no one associated with Shapla Media feels the need to clear the artist’s payment. I tried to contact but failed. But all their other activities continue! Such unprofessional behavior is never desirable.’

Not only this, multiple allegations have also been received against ‘Balukhek’ Salim Khan’s son Shanta Khan. He himself has acted in protest films. His bank account was recently subpoenaed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

ACC Assistant Director Md. A letter signed by Ataur Rahman government was sent to the MD and CEO of 58 domestic and foreign banks on August 14. Shanto Khan’s name is in this list.

According to the ACC’s letter, Shanta Khan has been accused of acquiring wealth outside of known income through illegal business.

The article is in Bengali

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