The Kapil Sharma Show: Another actor quits ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ after Krishna Abhishek – chandan prabhakar aka chandu quits the kapil sharma show after krushna abhishek

Only two more days to wait. The popular comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show (The Kapil Sharma Show) is coming to the television screen. The excitement in the mind of the audience is very high with this show. Viewers of this show are waiting to see Sharmaji on the TV screen after a long time. However, before the start of the Kapil Sharma show, many people removed themselves from this show. Comedian Krushna Abhishek did not agree to return to this show due to a dispute with the producer about the remuneration. Now the new addition to the show’s exit list is Chandan Prabhakar, who was popularly known as Chandu on the show. Comedian Chandan Prabhakar (Chandan Prabhakar) said this in his own mouth in an interview recently.

The news of Chandan Prabhakar’s exit from the show after Krishna Abhishek naturally left the audience of The Kapil Sharma Show heartbroken. In an interview to an all-India media outlet, Chandu said, “I am not participating in Kapil Sharma’s show this time. There is no particular reason. But I want a break.” Comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show will be aired on television screens every Saturday and Sunday.

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On the other hand, comedian Bharti Singh will be seen in a guest appearance on Kapil Sharma Show. He added, “I’m doing sa re ga ma pa at the moment. So I can’t be fully on The Kapil Sharma Show. But sometimes you’ll see me on the show. Besides, I have a small child now. I have to juggle everything.”

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Dr. once again in this show. The viewers of this show expressed their desire to see Mashoor Gulati i.e. Sunil Grover. Although that molasses is sand. According to an all-India media report, actor Krushna Abhishek will not return to the show if the producers of the comedy show do not pay him as per his demand.

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Srishti Rode stars in the new season of The Kapil Sharma Show as Eye Candy None Other Than. And one more thing to admit, the audience will miss popular comedians Krishna Abhishek and Chandu. However, Krishna Abhishek made his debut in front of the paparazzi on Ganesh Chaturthi. Said, “Kapil and I are going to Australia together. We have a good friendly relationship. He and I love each other as friends. It’s my show too. I will come back to this show again.”

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