Inaugural staging of Leonardo da Vinci’s play in art

Inaugural staging of Leonardo da Vinci’s play in art
Inaugural staging of Leonardo da Vinci’s play in art

When fire cools it becomes water and when water heats up it becomes fire. As the heat of fire diminishes, this body dies when it becomes ice cold. Death is near me. I have never neglected any work in this life. Maybe I could not reach all the work destinations all the time but I never spent a single moment of my life without work. But at the end of the will, Why do we leave the writing of the will paper?? I have to write.

There is no one to talk about me except me. No blood heirs, There are no planned disciples, There is no autobiography written by me. As a result, this one hour time is invaluable to not let the present get lost in the womb of the great age.

This is how the last one hour of his life was narrated by the artist¤Leonardo da Vinci who achieved immortality in the state. This artist who stirred the world appeared on the theater stage of Dhaka under the shelter of dialogue with the light and darkness of the stage..

He presented detailed information about his timeless creations Mona Lisa and The Last Supper to the audience. The artist’s mysterious and varied life chapter is simultaneously pronounced in the dialogue. The drama based on Vinci has been staged by Shantinagar Theater of Jaypurhat.

On Thursday evening, the play was staged at the Jatiya Natyashala Auditorium of Shilpakala Academy. Leonardo da Vinci by Apoorva Kumar Kundu is directed by HR Onik..

The exhibition was preceded by an opening ceremony. Liaquat Ali Lucky, Director General of Shilpakala Academy announced the inauguration of the production. Golam Kudduch, president of Sammilita Sanskari Jota, was the chief guest at the opening ceremony.

Dhaka University Fine Arts Faculty Dean Nisar Hossain and Awami League Health and Population Affairs Secretary Dr. Rokeya Sultana spoke as special guests.. Executive member of Shantinagar Theater Abu Reza Md. Aminur Rahman Sweet presided.

Playwright Apoorva Kumar Kundu said about the production, Five hundred from today in the history of time Leonardo da Vinci is a mysterious character from years ago. Twenty thanks to Mona Lisa and The Last Supper^He is more or less known to the locals. The unknown aspect is the identity of the scientist-technologist-musician-physiologist-military scientist-urban expert or astronomer along with the painter..

A laborious path had to be traversed to satisfy the desire to see the intense supporting power of such a civilization in the illusion of a stage play.. He had to take the help of many books to know him fully. day after day, Night after night getting deeper into the subject, to merge.

At one time, Leonardo da Vinci broke through the dark fog and became clear in the totality.. Page after page of transcripts, Vinci came alive in the mystery of light and darkness and the magic of unspoken words..

Although born in Italy, Vinci spent the last days of his life in France. And a bell near the end of that life has appeared in the play. There, Vinci waited for the French king, François I. pronounced in his voice He will come at dusk today. He is the king. His word is law. His words do not fail.

Again my favorite time is dawn at the end of the night and twilight at the end of the day. The creation of dawn is my smile, The Last Supper, La Joconde is my creation of The Last Supper and Twilight, the mona lisa. My birth was at dawn and my death was going to be at dusk. How many ghats have I touched in this river of life from birth to death, How many colorful people I saw in Manavtirtha, Some words from the many breakdowns that I have witnessed, some explanation, get something, Let there be no satisfaction in the pages of the parallel wishes of the daily diary, Parallel to the diary is the bound book of will paper. Time is short. everything goes. flows. goes away. decays. goes off. Time flies. He who goes also goes….

In the sequence of events, Vinci remembers her childhood growing up in the village of Vinci, Social exclusion is supposed to be deprived of motherhood, Being neglected by the father, Love from grandparentsAbout to get, Art guru Verrocchi’s immense affection About getting close, Defense against the charge, About the context of many painted paintings, including the Mona Lisa-The Last Supper, About the battle plan to face the foreign enemy, About new discoveries, It is about creating art even in the midst of an epidemic like the plague, Several other mysterious words, including the last wish to lay his head in the lap of the King of France.

Like the dialogue spoken by Vinci, the historical characters come from the past on the wings of reality and imagination, The present flows and the future flows.

Mizanur Rahman has portrayed the role of Leonardo da Vinci Sr. in the production. Sajeeb Mahmud played the role of Vinci Junior. Sharmin Akhter Nisa has spoken dialogues as Mona Lisa. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto played the role of King Francois. Apart from this, other character actors are Sekandar Ali, Sardar Mostak, Rupali Khanam Rupa, Mahbub Alam and Rakin Ahmed.

The article is in Bengali

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