Purnima is returning to cinema

Purnima is returning to cinema
Purnima is returning to cinema

National film award winning actress Dilara Hanif Purnima has not been in cinema for a long time. There was a buzz, He is withdrawing himself from the movie. After marriage, you will be focused on family for the time being. But he didn’t care about the rumours. He returned to the cinema again. It is also a government funded movie. movie name Life in food.

It will be written and directed by famous Dhaliwood director Chhatku Ahmed. Recently signed to work in movies. Life in food Poornima will be seen as Dola in the movie. Purnima said, This is the first time he is acting in a government funded film. Ferdous Ahmed will be seen with Purnima in the movie. Actor Misha Saudagar is also there.

Purnima says, Respected Chhatku Bhai is a renowned veteran director of our films. He is going to produce a movie after a long time and expressed his interest to play the role of Mane Dola in the movie. It can be said that everyone who will act in it is a very favorite artist of Chhatku Bhai. Moreover, the story is amazingtwho.

And above all it is a government funded movie. All in all, I am going to work on the movie. I believe the work will be very good. Purnima said to bring up the topic of moving away from the movie, Rumors are rumours. It has no basis. If I had left, I would not have signed new films. Obtaining government grants Life in food Aruna Biswas will also act in the movie, Shahnur, Subrata and others.

known, Filming will start from October 16 in Dhaka. In 2021-2022 government grants Life in food Received a donation of Rs. Taju Kamrul is the associate director in this movie. Chatku Ahmed said that the movie will be shot in and around Dhaka.

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