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Yusuf and Moumita sang at the call of Shabnam

Yusuf and Moumita sang at the call of Shabnam
Yusuf and Moumita sang at the call of Shabnam

On January 8, 1971, the movie ‘Nacher Putul’ directed by Ashok Ghosh was released. The hero Raj Razzak and the heroine Shabnam acted in the two central roles of this movie.

Shabnam expressed her interest in listening to the famous song of this movie, ‘Aynaate Oi Mukh Naho Ke Jehna’, sung by Yusuf Ahmed Khan, a musician of this generation. The song was penned by KG Mustafa and composed by Robin Ghosh.

Shabnam had been sharing this desire with journalist Abhi Moinuddin for several days. On her own birthday, Shabnam had a home-style concert at her home. Yusuf has sung some of the popular songs from the movie starring Shabnam. The artist of this generation Moumita Barua was added to that event. Yusuf was previously seen at a Shabnam function. But Moumita’s meeting with Shabnam was like a dream.

After cutting the birthday cake Shabnam said with interest, now we listen to music. In the beginning, Moumita sang Shahnaz Rahmatullah’s song ‘Fuler Kanne Bhramar Ese’ in the movie ‘Peach Dhalla Path’ composed by Shabnam’s husband Robin Ghosh. Shabnam was impressed by hearing the song in Maumita’s voice. After that, Yusuf sang ‘Ayanate Ai Mukh’, Shabnam starrer ‘Pair Vare Do Sarmili Nayan’ from the movie Chanda, ‘Mujhe Dilse Na Bholana’ from the movie ‘Ayana’. Hearing the songs in Yusuf’s voice, Shabnam was moved by emotions and memories.

Shabnam said to Yusuf, your grandfather would have been very happy if he was alive today. And you sing really well. After many years, I was so happy to hear the songs of my films in such an arrangement that it was beyond words. Many blessings to you. And Maumita’s voice is also very sweet. He will do very well.’ After that, Moumita sang two songs ‘Tum Cheyhe Te Ogo Tina Keen Eta Love Lage Tobe’ and ‘Man Je Brode Jaye’ in Shabnam’s interest.

Yusuf said, few artistes are lucky enough to sit in front of respected Shabnam madam and sing her favorite songs on her birthday. I say with respect to madam’s interest – this is a unique experience of my life. The golden chapter of my life book.

Moumita said, it still feels like a dream to me that I was able to sit and sing in front of this great personality, touch him up close, and he loved me, blessed me.

The article is in Bengali

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