Rocky And Mayur: Rocky and Mayur ‘break up’? Popular vlogger opens up about his absence – mayur sharma says he did not quit rocky and mayur

Rocky alone on the road trip, where is the peacock? The question was raised, but did the popular couple ‘separate’ in any way? Peacock himself answered this question. Rocky and Peacock are one of the most popular food and travel bloggers on the net. From their travels to different places, the videos of their daily ‘discovery’ of food are mind-blowing. But, in some videos, Rocky was seen alone. From Pathankot to Hoshiarpur, Rocky was going everywhere without the peacock. The question was, will they not do any work together? Is reading about the long overdue?

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A post was made from the page of ‘Rocky and Peacock’ when there was a lot of criticism in the fandom. Where it is written, there is a lot of talk about why there are no peacocks. Here is the real reason.

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Peacock wrote a note on this post. He wrote, “Thanks to everyone for expressing concern over my absence. I have taken a break from regular traveling and touring for a while due to multiple reasons. During this time I will rest completely. I am very happy that Rocky Bhai has decided to take this journey of ours to travel alone. We are committed to providing people with food and sightseeing. Our page will do that. I haven’t been on video for a while. But, I am sure the content of the videos that will be posted will be awesome and I myself will watch them with great enthusiasm. I want you to watch these videos as well. Love the food, keep the smile on your face. Love…”

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That is, even if the ‘separation’ is not sealed, Rocky and Mayur will not be seen together in several more videos, this post has indicated. However, some fans are upset about this. But few have accepted this decision of Mayur. A netizen wrote, “Mayur sir welcome your decision. We want to see Rocky and Peacock together soon. Stay healthy, stay well.”

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