Want to work as an ‘actor’ not a ‘hero’: Chanchal

Want to work as an ‘actor’ not a ‘hero’: Chanchal
Want to work as an ‘actor’ not a ‘hero’: Chanchal

Want to work as an ‘actor’ not a ‘hero’: Chanchal

Entertainment Desk: A hero dies, but an actor can work forever. So popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury wants to work as an ‘actor’ rather than a ‘hero’. He said this while giving an interview to an Indian media on Friday.

Short spiky hair, skeleton-like prisoner’s clothes made of chatter, broken cheeks – Chanchal Chowdhury’s appearance is now floating in the net world. This talented actor is playing in the first installment of the ‘Karagar’ series.

At one stage of the discussion, he was asked, whose performance is admired by everyone, the total number of films in his portfolio is not very much. Because he is very particular about the selection of pictures. The director looks, looks at the story, looks at who the co-actors are. Agree to do a picture only if everything is satisfactory. But is it possible to be the hero of the film if you are so meticulous? Does he have any desire to be a ‘hero’ like the rest of the actors?

He replied that he never had such a desire. He said, “I never thought that I would act.” Studied art. I started working backstage as a stagehand in Maman Rashi’s ‘Aranyak’ theater troupe while studying in second year. As I studied in art college, I used to work for long hours on aspects like stage set design, lighting, props. I never dreamed of acting in front of the stage. But when I started, some small screen or commercial work became very popular. After that when I started movies, the small screen work decreased. I acted in the film ‘Manpura’, which was a huge hit in Bangladesh. After many years went to the audience hall. From then on I became the person in front of the camera.

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