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Can’t see more than half an hour, blockbuster KGF 2 did not like Bollywood! The explosive Ram Gopal Varma

Banglahunt the desk: The battle between Bollywood and South has been going on for a long time. On the one hand, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada films are becoming blockbuster hits one after the other. On the other hand, most of the films in the Hindi industry are not even able to cross 100 crores. In such a situation, several southern stars have indirectly criticized Bollywood. Hindi stars also answered. Director Ram Gopal Verma added more to the fight.

Kannada industry’s blockbuster hit film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ was not liked by Bollywood. The top directors of the Hindi industry must have turned their noses up at the film. Bollywood is puzzled as to how such a film was liked by the audience and made so much money.

In a recent interview, Ram Gopal said that Bollywood did not like even one of the two films KGF Chapter 1 and 2. And the directors and producers of Bollywood themselves told him this. In a recent interview, Ram Gopal said that a famous Bollywood director told him that he tried to watch KGF 2 five times. But could never watch more than half an hour.

The director also said that Bollywood is disappointed to see a film that no one liked, earning so well. Of course, not only KGF 2, but also The Kashmir Files has been claimed by Ramoy to be the most disgusting film.
Gopal Verma.

Of course, this is not the first time, Ram Gopal Varma has also sneered at KGF2. KGF 2 is a dark cloud descending over other industry films, Saturn wrote in a tweet. Incidentally, Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2 is the highest grossing Indian movie of the year. This film did more than 1000 crore business all over the world.

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