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Akshay Kumar: One flop after another, the explosive Akshay against Kapil Sharma

Akshay Kumar, Kapil Sharma, G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Box office khiladi Akshay Kumar is going through a very bad period of his career. One after another the film is falling at the box office. Akki has not seen a hit face so far this year. Bachchan Pandey, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan, three consecutive films failed at the box office. Akshay recently appeared as a guest on a television show. The host of that show was Kapil Sharma. The actor came to the show and directly complained against Kapil.

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Welcoming Akshay on the show, Kapil Sharma said, ‘Brother, how are you getting a year younger every birthday?’ Akki answered Kapil’s question clearly. The superstar said, ‘This guy looks after me in everything. My pictures, my money looked over everything. Because of this, none of my films are playing.’

The failure of his film at the box office really shocked the cine industry, as Akshay had become synonymous with 100 crores for the past few years. Even his greatest enemy could have said with a blink of an eye that his picture would sell a billion and two billion. But in the last few films, the superstar has fallen flat. Akshay worried about one flop after another. Akki opened up about his failure at the box office a few days ago.

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Akshay said, ‘The films are not doing business at the box office. It’s our fault, better said my fault. I have to make some changes in myself. Understand what the audience wants to see. Only I am responsible for this, no one else.’ So will Akshay be seen doing a web series in OTT this time? In response to this question, Akshay said, ‘No, it is not safe. Nothing is safe anymore. People decide whether it will be good or not by watching the trailer. Even in OTT, you are always in the audience’s eye, the media’s eye, the criticism is the same. So whether it’s released in theaters or OTT, it doesn’t make any difference.’

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