This time, Mimi Chakraborty is on the way to Bollywood

This time, Mimi Chakraborty is on the way to Bollywood
This time, Mimi Chakraborty is on the way to Bollywood

The Bollywood journey of Tollywood actors and actresses is on the rise. Popular Tollywood actress Mimi Chakraborty is going to work in a Hindi web series this time. Ali Fazal’s name is heard as the hero opposite Mimi in the web series. But popular Tollywood actor Anirban Chatterjee has also been offered. So now just waiting for approval.

According to Indian media sources, “Gulab Gang”, “Mahalaya” is coming under the direction of famous Bengali director Soumik Sen. And Mimi is the heroine. Who will be the hero has not yet been decided.’

Earlier Raima Sen, Pauli Dam, Swastika Mukherjee have already worked in Bollywood. Mimi herself also worked. In the Hindi remake of the movie Poppy. Although it has not been released yet. Parambrata, Shaswat, Jesus, Tota, Rajesh Sharma are working consecutively in Bollywood among the heroes. Director Raj Chakraborty and Abir Chattopadhyay have written new names in this list. Anirban has also worked in the movie ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway’, which is also awaiting release. But if Mimi agrees to this web series, it will be Anirban’s first Hindi series.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Mimi’s ‘Bonua’ Nusrat is also going to Bollywood, but not a movie or series. Big Bose will share. He is going to be a part of Salman Khan’s reality show. In this news, the team of the actress said, ‘We cannot officially comment on this matter now. What will tell, the channel will tell.’

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