The sky is blue. . .

The sky is blue. . .
The sky is blue. . .

Mid 1960s. Music director Satya Saha took a young man to Subhash Dutt. The boy writes songs. Satya Saha wants to use the song written by him in the movie. But the enthusiasm he brought, Subhash Dutt poured water in the beginning.

Seeing the boy, he said disdainfully, “Who did you bring Satya?” Can he write my status song?” The boy didn’t know what to say in front of two big people.

Satya Saha was a bit distraught after hearing Subhash Dutt’s words. He said, “Dada, you cannot say this without examining someone. The boy has been writing very well lately.” After listening to Satya Saha, he reluctantly explained a scene of his next film to the boy and asked him to write a song immediately. The boy sat down to write songs.

But this boy studied medicine. But he is not interested in medicine. Once he left his studies. Later, to keep his father’s mind, he somehow got out. With the certificate in his father’s hand, he directly informed that he will not do medicine, he will do writing. The father was very disappointed to hear this from his son.

Even though the boy was upset, he continued on his way. He got some recognition by writing songs for radio. But still no songs were written for the movie.

He turned around and went to Satya Saha. Satya Saha to Subhash Dutta. Had to go there and pass the ordeal. You have to impress Subhash Dutt by writing songs. It is not easy to impress him. A few days ago his directed film “Sutrang” was released and was well appreciated. He was famous all around.

The boy wrote a song in 10 minutes. The first four lines of the song are:

“The sky is blue in hand,

The air has some smell.

In the night field, the jonaki burns,

A gentle rhythm in Tatini’s chest.”

Subhash Dutt, who was almost chasing the boy away, was impressed by this line. Satya looked at Saha and said, “Satya, this boy has written beautifully!” Satya Saha has a proud smile on her face this time. He said, “This boy has been doing wonderful things lately!”

The boy started working as a lyricist in movies with that song written in just 10 minutes. The song was sung by Anjuman Ara Begum in the film “Ayna O Residu” composed by Satya Saha. The film directed by Subhash Dutt was released in 1967.

The same way that boy of that day impressed the bold directors like Subhash Dutt with his writing, later on he impressed the audience in the same way for decades. The name of that boy that day is Gazi Mazharul Anwar.

This one lyricist has written so many wonderful songs which have sometimes touched people’s hearts and sometimes provided inspiration in the struggle. You have heard many famous songs written by him but maybe you don’t know that the song is written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar.

Notable songs written by him include, “Jai Bangla Banglar Jai”, “Ektara tui desh katha bal re eber bal”, “Ekbar jaa na de amar kotto sonar gaon”, “Glass heart in the stone”, “Ganerei Khataye Swarlipi Kheya”, “Whose shadow has fallen in the mirror of the mind”, “Singing the identity only”, “And the bird does not bear your pain anymore”, “Don’t call me with a gesture”, “The glance of the eye will fade one day”, “This mind will destroy you”. I gave it”, “Why didn’t he come, I don’t like anything”, “Oh my Russian friend, why didn’t you lay your waist”, etc.

Famous lyricist, screenwriter and film director Gazi Mazharul Anwar passed away on Sunday (September 4) morning. He will shine forever in the world of Bengali music. He will be mixed with various feelings of life, his written songs.

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