‘No matter how straight we walk, some people will criticize’

‘No matter how straight we walk, some people will criticize’
‘No matter how straight we walk, some people will criticize’

Popular actress Sadia Jahan Prabha. In the last few years, he has established himself as a philanthropist. Usually he is not seen in any event. Avoid gatherings at all times. He is not seen even at the wedding of the stars. He is not in the media either.

However, Prabha came to the discussion through social media. Sometimes he posts on Facebook or Instagram about religious issues. Those thoughts feed his fans and devotees.

Prabha recently posted a picture on Instagram. In the caption he writes, no matter how straight you go, some people will criticize your crooked shadow! So live for the pleasure of Allah, not for people.’

He added a love emoji with that post. Many expressed solidarity with him by commenting on the post.

Earlier he posted a picture on Instagram. Writes in the status, all suffering does not mean that your sins are being punished. All happiness does not mean that God has given it because of your good deeds. Allah gives happiness to him who is always doing sins; And he also suffers in life, who always gives priority to the command of Allah. Basically happiness and suffering is a test from Allah. Being able to keep the mind calm in both situations is a success in the test!’

Prabha was once a regular face of TV dramas. However, he faced severe criticism for the incident in his personal life. It took him a long time to get over that shock. Now Prabha is seen acting in very few plays.


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