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Anant Jalil’s record with the remuneration of the movie ‘Kill Him’

Anant Jalil’s record with the remuneration of the movie ‘Kill Him’
Anant Jalil’s record with the remuneration of the movie ‘Kill Him’

For the first time, Anant Jalil and heroine Varsha are doing a movie outside their own production. The name of the new film of this star duo is ‘Kill Him’. The film will be directed by MD Iqbal under the banner of ‘Sunan Movies’. How much is Anant-Varsha getting paid for this film? This was the question of many. Finally the curiosity ended.

On Saturday (September 3), it was revealed that Anant Jalil will get Tk 40 lakh as the hero of the film ‘Kill Him’ at the FDC. Producer and director Iqbal officially handed over the check to him.

He said at that time, Anant Jalil will take a fee of 40 lakhs for the film ‘Kill Him’. Heroine Varsha will get 10 lakhs.

In the event, director Iqbal also confirmed the record of a hero receiving a remuneration of 40 lakh taka in the history of Dhaka cinema. Apart from Anant-Borsha, two popular stars of the country Rubel and Misha Saudagar will act in the movie ‘Kill Him’. Bollywood’s Rahul Dev will be seen as the villain in this. The shooting of the film will begin in October in the picturesque locations of Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.

Nipun Akhtar, Simon Sadiq and many others were present in Mahratt under the leadership of Ilyas Kanchan, President of Shilpi Samiti. There were also the leaders of the Producers and Directors Association. It is reported in Mahratt that ‘Kill Him’ will be released on Eid-ul-Fitr next year.

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