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Hasan Minhaj Comedian Hasan Minhaj Shows Up At Shah Rukh Khan’s Doorstep But ‘He Didn’t Answer’ dgtl

American comedian Hasan Minhaj decided to go to Shah Rukh Khan’s house. After meeting his family in Bengaluru, he flew back to Mumbai. After that straight vow. But when he reached there, he sat outside the gate. Hasan claimed that he did not call Shah Rukh. He posted a funny picture in that sense.

In the picture, the popular actor was seen sitting outside Shahrukh’s bungalow. The caption reads, ‘Shahrukh did not care.’ He sees the roll of laughter in the net world. Even after coming to the country for a short time, Hasan did not miss the opportunity to make natural jokes.

Hassan, the popular face of the Netflix show ‘Patriot’, hails from California. Tell, came to the country but will not go to Shahrukh’s house, what happens! The palace facing the sea is the most popular tourist spot in Bandra!

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Numerous people commented below, reacting to Hasan’s post with laughter. One of them wrote, ‘How did you find the entrance to Mannat so empty?’ Another person wrote, ‘Miracle brother!’ A few people again tagged Shahrukh and requested Haasan to be invited.

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