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Hollywood actress Jane Fonda is suffering from cancer

Hollywood actress Jane Fonda is suffering from cancer
Hollywood actress Jane Fonda is suffering from cancer

Actress and environmentalist, two-time Oscar-winning Hollywood legend Jane Fonda, 84, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Confirming this information on her verified Instagram, the actress said that she is undergoing chemotherapy due to non-Hodgkin’s Leukemia.

In one post, the Hollywood legend wrote, “This type of cancer is very treatable…I feel very lucky as a result.”

At the same time, he also announced that he will continue his activities on climate change.

Jane Fonda said, I feel fortunate to have health insurance and receive treatment from the best doctors. But many people don’t get it.

Almost every American family has to deal with cancer, he wrote. Very few people can afford quality treatment. That’s what I’m accepting and it’s not right.

Non-Hodgkin’s leukemia is usually rare. This cancer is created through human body juices. Blood vessels spread to the veins and human tissues.

Fonda wrote that I would have six months of chemotherapy. But his disease will not stop me from participating in the climate change movement.

In 1960, his journey began in the world of Hollywood cinema.

Among his most famous films, which made him famous around the world are “Barbarella”, “Nine to Five” and “On Golden Pond”.

He most recently starred in the Netflix comedy series “Grace and Frankie.”

Jane Fonda is also famous for her political work. In the 1960s he was outspoken against the Vietnam War.

Recently, he has been vocal against climate change.

She also wrote in her cancer post, the diagnosis re-emphasized the importance of community to her while undergoing treatment.

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