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Srabanti Chatterjee: Always ‘body shaming’, Srabanti surprised in fitness video

Srabanti Chatterjee, G 24 Hour Digital Bureau: Srabanti often faces body shaming on social media for ‘getting gross’, doesn’t fit in this dress’. But why only social media, a few days ago he had to listen to many things about getting fat in the industry as well. And this was told by actress Srabanti Chattopadhyay herself in an interview given to Zee 24 Hours Digital. Although he did not listen to these, he also made it clear. But yes, it’s true that he gained some weight at home for the recent unknown good movie i.e. he had to gain weight. And this too the actress confessed to us. Incidentally, the film ‘Achena Uttam’ starring Srabanti Chatterjee was released last July. Where she was seen in the role of Gauri Devi, the hero’s wife.

However, he is a resident of the world of glamor and acting, he has to be skinny, unsophisticated Srabanti. And so for now he decided to go to the gym and work up a sweat. Srabanti’s ‘fitness goals’ came up in her recently posted Instagram video. In the video, the actress is seen exercising with her mind. It is clear that he is very fit whether he gains or loses weight. Srabanti captioned the video, “Enhance human connection, communication and performance”.

Various comments have appeared under this video of Srabanti doing gym, everyone is impressed by the fitness of the actress. But not just gym videos, the actress is very active on social media. Every day you post some picture or video. Recently he also posted a picture of Ganesh Chaturthi puja at home. He also went to Thailand some time ago, posted that picture and video too. But the actress is not alone, social media posts say, she also took son Jhinook and son’s girlfriend Damini. Meanwhile, apart from ‘Achena Uttam’, Srabanti’s film ‘Bikshov’ has recently been released in Bangladesh. The heroine acted opposite Shanto Khan in this film by Bangladeshi director Shamim Ahmed Roni.

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