vivek agnihotri spoke about boycott lal singh chadha and bollywood

vivek agnihotri spoke about boycott lal singh chadha and bollywood
vivek agnihotri spoke about boycott lal singh chadha and bollywood

In the past few days and in recent times, the world of Djerba cine world has boycotted Bollywood. Especially since the ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ boycotts, there is a lot of excitement everywhere. The netizens have started planning to boycott the film in the future as well. Various comments have been heard about Lal Singh Chadha, this time Vivek Agnihotri opened his mouth.

Controversy rages over Lal Singh Chadha. Someone is raising questions about Aamir’s performance. Someone else is asking questions and answers about working with a wonderful film like Forrest Gump. But this time the director of The Kashmir Files movie, Vivek Agnihotri, is going with this film. What is he saying? Director’s statement, only the fans have boycotted this film? I think there is another thing behind it.

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The director threw a straight question, said – “I have only one logical thing to know. Everyone in the cine world is saying that the fans (BJP supporters) have boycotted this movie and did not let it continue. But do you know how many votes Narendra Modi got? Like 40%. Then cut out those 40 to 50% people. Where are the remaining 50% of people? Why didn’t they come to see the picture”?

Vivek did not stop here! He said, “Every star has loyal fans. And here’s the real thing, when those people don’t even show up for a movie, it has to be accepted that something bogus has been shown. Why the story of 150-200 crores where there is nothing in the film? There was a boycott earlier too. Nothing like that happened then.”

Incidents during the riots also provoked. The director said, “It was a dire situation then. The theater has been closed. But Dangal went to see people. Because in that they saw the ideal of an actor, acting skills”. Celebs are worried about boycotting Bollywood. Production worth crores of rupees. There were also rumors of Aamir giving up his remuneration for Lal Singh Chadha. Nothing is possible with the small business this movie has done. Still, there are several big budget films in the list of Bollywood movies, what about the industry that time will tell.

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