Why did Prosenjit Chatterjee’s second marriage break up just before the wedding?

Why did Prosenjit Chatterjee’s second marriage break up just before the wedding?
Why did Prosenjit Chatterjee’s second marriage break up just before the wedding?

Entertainment Desk: ‘I am the industry’ says Prosenjit Chatterjee aka Bumba Da about himself. In the world of Bengali films today, he has kept a foothold like a banyan tree. Even after Uttam Kumar came to Bengal, by then a middle class had formed among the audience who understood cinema as nothing but entertainment.

But be it Sukhen Das’s family film or Ekale Srijit Mukherjee’s heartwarming film, Prasenjit has outdone himself. The audience has not dared to question the actor’s personal life.

Prosenjit has acted with almost all the super hit actresses of Tollywood and Bollywood. While the on-screen pairing of Prosenjit-Rituparna was a super hit, Tolly married the beautiful Debashree Roy. She was the childhood friend of Prof. Senjit.

So after a few years of love, Prosenjit and Devashree tied the knot. But the marriage breaks down. It is heard that Debashree won the National Award for Rituparna Ghosh’s ’19th April’. At that time, Prasenjit could not accept Debashree’s fame. After that, the distance between husband and wife started to grow. Prasenjit kept telling Debashree to quit acting and focus on the world. He even advised Devashree to have a child and make a happy house girl. At that time, Debashree could not accept this proposal at all, necessarily divorce.

How long will the male actor stay alone? He decided to sit on the wedding table for the second time. But this time the actress is not a bride. He married Aparna Guha Thakurta, a businessman’s daughter. He lived happily for some time. Prasenjit and Aparna are parents to a baby girl. The girl’s name is Prerna.

But the actor’s mind was then stuck with the debutant heroine of the screen. A new twist in the story. Arpita Chatterjee caught the attention of Prosenjit after entering the industry. Arpita Prosenjit developed a close relationship outside of marriage. As soon as you hear this, you are at home. Samman, the self-respecting daughter of a business family, did not want to be sold out. He left with daughter Prerna and never kept in touch with Prosenjit or the family.

This is where the third stage of marriage begins. Prosenjit gives the third and so far the last garland around Arpita’s neck. Although the condition was that the work of the film should be stopped for a few years for only one family. Arpita did not particularly object to it.

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Prosenjit’s son Trishanjit was born in between. However, Arpita has stepped into Tolipara again by supporting her son. Arpita has shown her life in ‘Adjustment’ of the film ‘Ex’. So Prosenjit Chatterjee has confirmed about this.

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