Masterful, Silent and Bobby in one movie

Masterful, Silent and Bobby in one movie
Masterful, Silent and Bobby in one movie

Now popular hero Nirab Hossain. He has joined the new movie called ‘Life is Beautiful’. Nipun Akhtar and Yamin Haque Bobby will be seen as heroines. Asif Ahmed Khan will also be with them.

The film was announced on Friday on the birthday of the film’s producer and director fashion designer Piyal Hossain.

Piyal said, apart from Nipun-Nirev and Bobby, another couple will be seen in the film. Who is staying as that pair will be known soon. Besides, the film is going to be made under the banner of PH Entertainment. Its story is thought by the director. Shubhra Sarkhel and Dil Mohammad are working on the screenplay. Famous Sunny Khan is the DOP of the movie.

Regarding the film, Nirab Hossain said, ‘To be honest, we have been talking about this film with Piyal for a long time. I heard the story. Script given, not read. From what I heard, the story is good. But no agreement yet. There is nothing positive to say right now. Because, before making a picture, there are many things that need to be officially addressed. As a result, I cannot make a decision now that I will do the film.’

The songs of the movie will be directed by Soumitra Ghosh Eamon. The movie will have a total of 4 songs. They will be voiced by Shafiq Tuhin, Sinthi Saha, Arefin Rumi, Konal, Pooja, Syed Ami and Mehreen.

The movie will be shot in various locations in and around Dhaka. Some scenes will also be done in Cox’s Bazar and Rangamati.

Life is Beautiful is co-produced by Saqib Sonnet, Tapu Khan and Celebrity Production House.

The article is in Bengali

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