Gaga returned Shahrukh’s dating proposal and gift

Gaga returned Shahrukh’s dating proposal and gift
Gaga returned Shahrukh’s dating proposal and gift

Shah Rukh Khan and Lady Gaga

He is the king of Bollywood. He has been ruling the world of cinema for three years. It has countless fans in every corner of the world. Whom millions of fans flock to catch a glimpse of.


The whole world is engrossed in prayer to see him from afar. He is still one of the biggest film icons in the world. He is Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. Not only common people but also many big stars are devoted fans of Shahrukh. Lady Gaga herself is on that team. However, Lady Gaga once turned down the offer of dating King Khan? Yes, that too publicly!

Shahrukh and Gaga in that interview scene

Popstar Gaga came to India in 2011. That’s when Shahrukh interviewed him. Recently, the video of that interview has been re-watched by viewers online, due to which the old memories are once again fresh. The two stars chatted in the interview. Shahrukh also taught Gaga Hindi. During the interview, a fan asked Gaga, will she date Shahrukh? Shah Rukh married Gauri in 1991, the fan also informed that.

After hearing the question, Lady Gaga gave the ‘historic’ answer. Looking at Shah Rukh, Gaga said, ‘Are you married? Then there is no question of dating!’ Hearing this, Shahrukh showed a sad expression on his face. Said, ‘Who told him about my marriage?’ Gaga, however, is adamant about her statement. He said, ‘I am a very good girl, I don’t believe in this. I want to be a man, I’m old fashioned. So there is no question of going on a date with Shahrukh. ‘ Shah Rukh jokingly replied, ‘You have turned all my hopes into dust. ‘

Lady Gaga in a recent photo

There was a lot of controversy about that 2011 interview. There, Shahrukh tried to force Lady Gaga to gift his watch. Gaga didn’t want to take anything. Said, give it to a devotee. Shahrukh said, if he doesn’t like it, he can throw it away. Then Shah Rukh forcibly held the coffee cup for Gaga. Which Gaga didn’t like. Said that such a big star is holding his cup, feeling uncomfortable.


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