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Uttam told Soumitra to leave the house that day, everyone was shocked… Uttam Kumar Birthday Uttam Kumar Mahanayak extraordinary actor predominantly worked in Bengali cinema one of the most successful actors in Bengali cinema history

Soumitra Sen

September 3 is Bengali Red Letter Day. Today is the birthday of their favorite hero. He is the hero Uttamkumar. Uttamkumar was born on this day in 1926 at Mamarbari in Ahiritola. Uttam Kumar is considered one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema. He is recognized as the most successful and most popular actor in Bengali film history. Apart from being a commercial success, his work has also garnered critical acclaim. He is considered the ‘matinee idol’ of Bengali films. Uttam has worked in Bengali cinema for more than three decades. His first film released in 1948 was ‘Drishidaan’. He worked till 1980. His released number of films is 202, including 15 Hindi films. His ‘Agnipriksha’, ‘Lost Sur’, ‘Saptapadi’, ‘Prisoner of Jhinder’, ‘Jatugriha’, ‘Lal Pathar’, ‘Coming from Thana’, ‘Raajdrohi’, ‘Nayak’, ‘Anthony Firingi’, ‘Chowrangi’ , ‘Here Pinjar’, ‘Stree’, ‘Amanush’, ‘Agnishwar’, ‘Sannyasi Raja’ can never be forgotten by Bengalis. Uttam won the National Award for Best Actor in 1968 for ‘Zoo’ (1967) and ‘Anthony Firingi’ (1967). He is the first Indian hero to receive this award.

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Another unique Bengali hero is always compared with Ehen Uttam. He is Soumitra Chatterjee. They have worked together in about 8/9 films. But among these ‘Jhinder Bandi’, ‘Stree’, ‘Devdas’ are very popular. Apart from this, their joint work in the films ‘Jadi Thinatam’, ‘Darpachurn’ has attracted the attention of critics in various ways. Uttamkumar used to call Soumitra by his nickname – ‘Pulu’.

Although Bengalis of that time thought (many still do), the two were in mortal competition. And quite a bit of bitterness on his hands. Maybe there was competition. But it is on the screen, in their own work. Apart from two minor incidents, they were bound by respect and love for each other. Both showed due respect for each other’s work. There was no bitterness between them in that sense. However, there is no end to the stories, truths and lies about them, there is no end to the myths created around them. However, while working together, naturally many things happened between them. Film lovers were happy to know that later.

For example, an incident happened during the shooting of the film ‘Devdas’. After which Soumitra Chatterjee says in one place. Very funny story. It is heard that the dialogue recording is going on that day. Uttam’s long dialogue. But again and again he gets stuck on a particular word, unable to pronounce it properly. Soumitra was also present in the recording room that day. Utham suddenly said, ‘Pulu, you go outside!’ Everyone is very surprised. what’s the matter Soumitra himself is very surprised. Uttam smiled and said, ‘No, actually your pronunciation is very good…’! Soumitra was even more surprised and said, what is it? If I am you will be tense or not? On that day, Soumitra finally left the recording room on Uttam’s request. And Uttam did a good job of recording.

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